Winter Warmer Family Pack - Saving 25%

With temperatures on the distinctly chilly side it's time for some winter warmer dishes with this great family-centred selection pack that would be perfect to use your slow cooker for, or slow-cook in your oven or air-fryer to produce some great meals.

Slow cookers are a great and cost-effective way to cook things slow, get great taste and feed the family (or stock the freezer).

We've also a selection of free recipes using the products contained in this pack, which can be downloaded from our website on this link. There are some other suggestions there as well to choose from.

This pack would have a RRP of £53, so it's a saving of 25%.

Our Winter Warmer Pack contains:

1kg Pork Shoulder (boneless)

1kg Beef Brisket

1kg Lamb Shoulder (bone in)

1kg Diced Beef

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