Box No 1 Lean Selection <5% Fat

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 24 Ultra Lean Portions @ Just £2.50 a Portion!

All the meat contained in this box are less than 5% fat, so great for the fitness & health conscious, each portion is individually packed for your convenience.

Chicken Fillets 200 - 250g x 10

Grill or oven bake whole or you can dice or stir fry this at home to go with your favourite sauce.

Beef Mince 400 - 450g x 2

Great for bolognese, lasagne & tacos, or why not try making your own burgers.

Diced Beef 400 - 450g x 1

Slow casserole for a classic stew or curry.

Chicken Strips Stir Fry 400 - 500g x 1

Wok Stir Fry with your favourite sauce.

Beef Burgers Gluten Free 170 - 200g x 4

 Grill, pan fry or oven bake and serve with your favourite sides.

Beef Meatballs x 10

Home made in store, oven bake with your favourite sauce.

Turkey Breast Steaks 150 - 200g x 2

Grill, oven bake or pan fry, you can even dice or stir fry this at home to go with your favourite sauce.

Rump Steaks 160 - 200g each x 4

Grill or pan fry for a great steak.

Pork Sausages Ultra Lean 400 - 450g

Home made in store with Free Range Pork. (Gluten Free)

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